How do you return a product under our 60 day Home Trial?

Our mission is to ensure you have the ultimate sleep experience when you purchase a POSTUREST mattress.  We believe every mattress purchased must be complemented with the right pillow choice to offer the best in support and comfort.  Hence, we offer 4 different types of pillows free with every Super King, King and Queen Size mattress purchased (2 types of pillows for Super Single and Single size). 

We encourage you to try out the pillows and mattress in the comfort of your home to ensure you have selected the right mattress.  You will not be able to do this if you visit a retail outlet and test a mattress for just a few minutes or are misinformed/misled by an over eager sales person.

Your body will take up to 60 days to get used to a new mattress and for you to decide if it offers the ultimate sleep experience.

At the end of the 60 day home trial, you may decide that the mattress offers you a restful night’s sleep or is not suitable for your body type and may wish to choose a firmer or softer mattress.  The following are the steps you need to take on expiry of the 60 day Home Trial to ensure you get the ultimate sleep experience:


No further action needed after the 60 days Home Trial. Enjoy the ultimate sleep experience.


  1. In seven (7) or less working days before the end of the 60 day Home Trial (Return Cut-off date will be stated in your invoice), contact Customer Service at to inform them that you wish to change to another Posturest Mattress that is more suited to you. Please quote your sales order number.
  2. Customer Service will schedule a call from one of our Sleep Consultants to help guide you in choosing a different Posturest Mattress that is suited to your body type based on your experience and feedback. If you choose not to proceed with Posturest, you may seek a refund under C. below.
  3. If you decide to upgrade or switch to another Posturest mattress as agreed with our Sleep Consultant, our Consultant will arrange an exchange of the mattress at no extra cost. You will have a further 60 days to try out the new mattress. 
  4. If at the end of the next 60 days you are still not happy with the mattress you may repeat step 1) above again until we find you that ultimate sleep experience from Posturest or you may choose to seek a refund under C. below.


  1. If you decide the Posturest Mattress is unable to offer you the ultimate sleep experience and wish to return the mattress and seek a refund, contact our Customer Service at within the return cut-off date stated in your invoice and inform them of your decision. Please quote your sales order number.
  2. Customer service will call you within 48 hours to make arrangements for the return of the mattress.
  3. A one time service fee of RM350 will be deducted from the total purchase price to be refunded to cover transport, packaging and re-upholstery charges. You will however get to keep all the free pillows, mattress protector and any other free gift items given to you at the time of purchase which is valued well in excess of the RM350 service fee so you will incur no loss but will gain valuable gifts.
  4. Once our delivery team has inspected the mattress and is satisfied the mattress has complied with our Terms of Use (see below for details). The Delivery Team will acknowledge collection of the mattress and submit the Sales Order number to Customer Service to process the refund.
  5. Refund will be made via on-line bank transfer to the customers bank account within fourteen (14) working days from date of collection of the mattress.



To ensure the mattress is used properly and complies with the terms and conditions of the refund and return policy, the mattress must meet the following Terms of Use:

  1. The use of a mattress protector supplied along with the mattress is a must to ensure a clean surface prior to return.
  2. The mattress must be used on a firm base divan and not used on the floor or on a spring or wooden slated base as this will affect the quality and comfort level of the mattress. Please check with our Customer Service on the ideal bed base to use if uncertain.
  3. Any stain on the mattress will disqualify the mattress from a return/refund or the cost of cleaning will be deducted from the purchase price. This cost depends on the amount of dirt/stain that needs cleaning.
  4. The mattress must not have any tear, holes or defects and must be as close to the original condition as when it was first delivered.
  5. A customer can submit an appeal to Customer Service through the visiting Delivery Team in the event the Delivery Team has decided that a mattress has failed to meet the Terms of Use.
  6. A Sales Manager will then schedule a visit to check and discuss the issue with the customer within 48 hours of lodging the appeal Based on the outcome of the appeal, the Sales Manager will make a decision on whether to accept the refund/return in full or a further service fee may apply to cover the cost of the defects.
  7. In the event of any dispute, the Customers rights under any laws or rights to access a consumer tribunal is reserved and will be honoured by us.