The Posturest Brand Promise

Each POSTUREST mattress offers the ultimate in support and comfort in its price category.  Don’t take our word for it, try one in the comfort of your own home.  We are confident you will not find a more suitable mattress at the same value and price point as your POSTUREST mattress.  We are so confident, that we are offer a 60 day fuss free trial in the comfort of your home.  No need to waste time visiting crowded and impersonal showrooms or listen to long and misleading sales pitches. 

Free Pillows to ensure the best sleep solution for all types of sleepers

The Complete Sleep System

From our many trials, we discovered that the secret to a great night sleep is not just a good mattress but more importantly, it must be complemented with the perfect pillow. At POSTUREST, we have covered that for you.  Every mattress purchase, Queen Size or larger, comes with 4 types of pillows for free valued at RM880 (2 types of Super Single or single sizes).  You can try these pillows with your Posturest mattress and decide which type of combination of pillows is ideal for you before choosing to buy more pillows.  Once you have found the perfect pillow combination that best suits your ideal sleeping position, you can purchase more of the right pillows from us online which will be delivered free to your home.

Experience it before you buy it

60-day Trial Free Delivery*

Let your bedroom be your mattress showroom.  Avoid the hassle of dealing with sales staff, traffic jams, no parking, no privacy and no time to really test and ensure the mattress is right for you before you commit on a purchase.  Within 60 days, your body will adapt to your selected POSTUREST mattress and you will be enjoying a deep comfortable sleep with the ultimate in body and posture support.  However, if you are still not satisfied and wish to upgrade, change or even return your mattress, we will be happy to collect it back from you and refund you and the best part is, you still  get to keep the pillows for free.

*(kindly refer to the terms of our delivery and return policy)